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Give the right feedback

Did your feedback session not go as well as you expected? 

You can achieve better results when your feedback is welcomed and when you can offer it in a skillful way. Master the art of giving feedback by practicing these tips.

Social media content ideas

8 Ideas for Your Social Media Content

If you manage a business page on social platforms, it can be challenging to create content every day. We created these tips on a carry-along bookmark to guide you when you get a writer’s block and need to get creative. 

Customer Avatar

Customer Avatar - English version

How Well Do You Know Your Customer?

Customer profiling will help you define your customer avatar, sometimes referred to as the customer persona.

When you have this well-defined, it helps you become very specific with your offers, service, content and marketing messages.

Arabic Customer Avatar

Customer Avatar - Arabic version

حدد خصائص عملائك

سيساعدك عمل ملف تعريفي للعميل على تحديد الصورة الرمزية للعميلCustomer Avatar ، والتي يشار إليها أحيانًا بإسم النمط الخاص بالعميل Customer Persona .

 عندما يصبح لديك تصورا دقيقا لهذا النمط فإن ذلك يساعدك على أن تصبح محددًا للغاية فيما يتعلق بالعروض والخدمات والمحتوى والرسائل التسويقية الموجهة لعميلك.

Progress Reflection Sheet

Reflection is a powerful part of the learning process in Business Schools today. You can use it personally or with someone you're helping to think about current situation and next steps. A great tool for stepping back and taking a wider view.

The Axes of Change Coaching Cards

Coaches facilitate their client's thinking process and action-taking using powerful questions and co-creating change with their client. These coaching cards are designed around 'The Axes of Change Model' for coaching change and the 8 roles the Coach plays as a Change Agent.

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